WOD Thursday 9/13/18

CrossFit Springfield – Group WOD

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A: Metcon (Time)

In teams of 3, Perform 30 Rounds for time:

3 Snatches, 135/95lb

15 Wallballs, 20/14lb to 10ft

While Athlete 1 does 3 Snatches + 15 Wallballs, Athlete 2 performs max Calorie Ski. Athlete 3 Rests. Rotate through in this order and Continue until each team member has competed 10 rounds each.

Record total time AND total Calories on the Ski Erg.

Feel free to move the Ski ergs to the middle of the room but please be respectful to *wipe them down completely after the WOD and return to their original positions.

*Please DO NOT spray cleaner directly onto the electronic monitors.

B: Metcon (Calories)

Total calories performed on the Ski Erg by your team.

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