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SPGE: Metcon (Distance)

2 Sets:

10x(1 minute at any speed),

:15 second rest in between each :60 second interval.

Each set will be have ten (10) reps (:60 second runs).  The basic format is to run one way for :60 seconds, rest :15 seconds and then match the same distance on the return run back to start line.

You will attempt to match your distance each :60 second interval.

Rest 3:00 minutes between sets.


Each runner will pick there preferred workout speed. Run the first interval while looking at your watch. Stop running after 1 minute. Mark your forward progress. After resting :15 seconds, run back to your original starting point. No looking at your watch until you reach your original starting point. Complete until you complete 10 reps. Rest 3:00 minutes then repeat.


Find a sustainable pace you can maintain for all intervals. Performance in this workout is not based on your speed.

Performance is judged on your ability to consistently pace each 1 minute interval by running the same exact distance.


PIck a pace equal to a max effort speed you can maintain for 15 minutes (nonstop).

Score will estimated meters ran for the entire workout.

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