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SPGE: Metcon (Time)

Four (4) Sets:

300 meters at Fast Pace

300 meters at Easy Pace

600 meters at Fast Pace.


The first 300 meter speed should be at equal or faster than your Mile PR Pace.

The second 300 meter run is any speed to that allows you to recover.

The target time for the 600 meter interval is equal or faster than 2x the first 300 meter fast interval.

The rest B/T sets equals the total fast times.

Each set is a continuous 1200 meter run.


Develop a game plan for each set and each interval.

My first 300 meter run would be consistent with your MILE PR pace. My goal would be :75 seconds or below.

300 meter recovery jog would be 1:30 to 1:45.

My last 600 meter run would want to fall into 2:30 or below, with the emphasis on being faster than your above 300 meter pace.

My approximate rest time would be 3:00 to 4:00 minutes.


This will be for total time.

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