Personal Training

Personal Training

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Also available to our athletes is

Advanced Foundations Personal Training

Included in each Foundation:

3 – One-on-One sessions once a week for 3 weeks including take home (or to the gym) programming to help further your fitness journey and to remind you of what we are striving to achieve. Each Fundamentals Program is $150.

  • Fundamental 9 – This foundations course will re-visit the 9 fundamental movements that are addressed in the initial orientation at CrossFit Springfield. This course will allow us to reevaluate your technique and/or start from scratch in order to best receive results. The Fundamental 9 covers the Squat, Press, and Pulls from the ground.
  • Gymnastics 1 – As CrossFitters, we have a tendency to lean toward moving weights, with this course it will get us into position on the gymnastic movements we see every day and give us a better baseline to work through. This will include movements and their progressions such as pull ups, knees to elbows, handstand push-ups and walks, and other ring movements.
  • Gymnastics 2 – Before going through this course, you will first be required to complete Gymnastics 1 or test out of that foundations. This course is going to challenge you to show proper positioning and be able to move through range of motion efficiently and effectively. Movements included in this section will include but not be limited to chest to bar pull-ups, bar muscle ups, ring muscle ups, handstand walking, deficit handstand push-ups and other advanced ring movements.
  • Olympic Lifts – This course is going to take you through the prize Olympic lifts. We not only want to develop you in the mindset of knowing how to complete these movements but also how to get the best results when completing them for strength and power. This section includes the clean and jerk and snatch olympic lifts.
  • Movement and Mobility – Like anything else in the CrossFit world, we always want you moving at your maximal ability, which is why we have this course. This Foundation is designed to help you through the movements you see here in CrossFit and give you helpful progressions of how to improve the range of motion you may be lacking. Not to confuse this with physical therapy, but we can help and improve range of motions that we strive for on a daily basis at CrossFit.
  • Odd Objects – Yes, we need to be prepared for everything that this crazy world of CrossFit can throw at us. If you are looking to improve your overall awareness of CrossFit and be able to manage those certain situations that look way more crazy than you ever thought possible then this is it. This course will focus on exactly what it sounds, odd objects, such as kettlebells, peg boards, moving tires, sledge hammers, walls, ropes, sled pushes, and whatever else we can throw at you.