Tom Ley

Operations Manager | Group WOD |
Fundamentals Coach

About Tom

I was born and raised in the farmlands of Washington, Missouri where the importance of family and hard work were rooted in my mindset.

As a Washington High School Student I was a studious four sport athlete in Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track and Field. Athletic achievements on a state level along with keeping my academic scorings high while maintaining lifelong friendships and close family ties are my greatest accomplishments amid my high school and young adult years.

After graduating as Team Captain of an All-Conference and All-State Football Team, I was offered scholarships to play for several colleges; only after a contemplative process with the guidance of my family, mentors, and coaches, due to a severe injury and other priorities of importance, did I make the difficult decision to not continue the strive for an athletic career in Football.

I am a graduate of the Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Physical Education Degree. During my four year college career, I was an instructor at the Ozark Regional YMCA’s where I was given the opportunity to be a certified personal trainer.

When I was given an opportunity in 2010 to become enriched with the knowledge of the fundamentals and mission of CrossFitting, I knew I wanted to share the theory of the methods to the willing by educating as many as I could reach with CrossFit’s philosophy; this is my ultimate goal in being a CrossFit Coach – being part of the CrossFit Springfield Family is an added bonus, one in which we welcome and invite all to join us in.

CrossFit Level 1 Certification
CrossFit Mobility Certification