Allison Muller

CFE Coach | Group WOD Coach

About Allison

I have lived in Springfield my entire life. I have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri. I am so grateful to have amazing parents who involved my sister (Sarah, an avid runner), brother (Stephen, an avid CrossFitter), and me in sports and exercise for as long as I can remember. They also taught us the importance of nutrition!

I discovered group fitness classes when I was told after my third knee surgery I had to find a new form of exercise outside of running. However, I wanted something more. I was introduced to CrossFit Springfield and found workouts that challenged me like never before and allowed me to continue running. In fact, I began running marathons! I became addicted to CrossFit-not only the workouts but something bigger: the community of support. You will not find better individuals anywhere on earth.

I have completed my Crossfit Level 1 certification and mobility certification. I feel blessed and honored to have the opportunity to coach and motivate others to believe in themselves and find positive results through improved health, self-confidence and general well-being.