CF Endurance

CrossFit Endurance is designed to offer an organized, scheduled endurance class to ALL athletes of CrossFit Springfield, regardless of fitness level or running ability, that will focus on improving overall speed, endurance, stamina, and health through implementation of a structured, interval-based training program.

The workouts are designed to be paired with the CF programming at the gym. Ideally, they are done with a 3+ hour gap between workouts or entirely on their own. There will be a short interval workout programmed on Mondays, and a long interval workout programmed for Thursdays. Athletes are encouraged to find time on the weekends and pair up with another athlete to incorporate a long run into their routine. The endurance group times listed will be led by an endurance coach. The workouts will begin promptly on the hour. We will begin with a warm-up, and drills of the coaches’ choice will be performed several times. The group will then perform the interval workout written for that day. Athletes and coaches are encouraged to scale the distances and/or intervals of the workouts for the athletes’ running abilities. If the athlete is unable to perform the interval distance at the prescribed intensity, scaling should be done to a distance/interval pattern that they can maintain. Coaches will be there to time intervals, encourage athletes and critique form. We will encourage all athletes through drills and training to maintain a Pose running form.

CrossFit Endurance is offered on Mondays and Thursdays at 5:30. We meet in the far back corner of the gym for a WOD briefing, then head out to the back lot for the workout. Free childcare IS available for these class times!